Thursday, September 27, 2007

September 28, Post 2

1. pg. 37, Love-compassion between mothers and daughters
2. pg. 39, Drinking- addiction to drinking
3. pg. 41, Kiss- the love of family
4. pg. 41, Memories- good family childhood memories
5. pg.42, Beautiful- daughters as beautiful
6. pg. 42, Birth-life
7. pg. 44, Geek-highschool nerd
8. pg.45, Death- loved family member
9. pg. 51, Jesus- non-christian related
10. pg.53, Life- shared life with everyone

This section was about her childhood home town finding out she had been raped. She came home that same night she had been raped with her mother. Her mother and father don't know how to handel the situation and neither does her sister. Many people come and visit Alice at her home, bringing her flowers, cards, games, ect. One day a boy she used to like came over. Alice and him spent the entire afternoon talking. She liked that he didn't care about her rape.

My reation about this section was sad. Her parents dont know how to handle the situation, and dont help her out at all. They act like none of it had happened to her. Steve, the guy she used to like, understood her situation because her mother had been raped also. He didn't think any differently about her. I felt bad for her because she mostly had to take care of her sister with her problems like school and life.

September 27, Post 1

The book i am currently reading is "Lucky" by Alice Sebolt. Section 1 is page 1-34. The first 10 pages were when the rape was taking place. She had been walking home late at night where a stranger came up behind her and pulled her by her hair to a near by tunnel. After the rape, he let her go by asking her what her name was, and she said "Alice". When the stranger left she ran to her campus, which was very near, and tried to find her friends. Once she found her roommate, she called the police and they came and got her. She was taken to the hopsital so the doctors could do a rape kit. The police then brought her back to the campus where she was later picked up by her mother a few hours later.

This section of the book was very difficult to read because it didn't seem like something that could actually happen. It was very detailed during the rape and at the hospital which made it harder to read because it was horrible what happend to her. During the check up at the hospital, they found many cuts and brusses on her face and legs and i realized that it was much worse than i thought.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007




3. Inner Strength from Desperate Times

4. His belief was about inner strenght that his stepmother showed him in desperate times

5. Two examples from the story that showed his step mother had inner strenght was when he said " she kept him alive as long as she could, almost single handedly. That shows she had inner strenght because she believe in her self to make him feel better. Another example that shows she had inner strenght was when he said "Janey en fought past her fear of needles in order to treat my dad at home". She showed inner strenght in that sentence because she gave up the fear of needles to help him.

6. My favorite passage from this was" i believe people sometimes refuse to give up, and they help others no madder the personal cost". This was my favorite passage because i think that it is true and also very meaniful to people.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is keeping up with all of my classes meaning getting all my homework done on time, studying, ect. If i were to miss a day of school, i would miss alot of important details and information given during my classes and i would be behind, and i dont want that to happen. For me that is what i am most worried about.

One goal for myself in my sophomore year is to give all my effort in every class. Sometimes i only give little effort in my classes and that turns into maybe a bad grade on a test or just not understanding the subject as well. For homework and studying i am going to give all my effort and turn homework in on time.