Thursday, September 27, 2007

September 28, Post 2

1. pg. 37, Love-compassion between mothers and daughters
2. pg. 39, Drinking- addiction to drinking
3. pg. 41, Kiss- the love of family
4. pg. 41, Memories- good family childhood memories
5. pg.42, Beautiful- daughters as beautiful
6. pg. 42, Birth-life
7. pg. 44, Geek-highschool nerd
8. pg.45, Death- loved family member
9. pg. 51, Jesus- non-christian related
10. pg.53, Life- shared life with everyone

This section was about her childhood home town finding out she had been raped. She came home that same night she had been raped with her mother. Her mother and father don't know how to handel the situation and neither does her sister. Many people come and visit Alice at her home, bringing her flowers, cards, games, ect. One day a boy she used to like came over. Alice and him spent the entire afternoon talking. She liked that he didn't care about her rape.

My reation about this section was sad. Her parents dont know how to handle the situation, and dont help her out at all. They act like none of it had happened to her. Steve, the guy she used to like, understood her situation because her mother had been raped also. He didn't think any differently about her. I felt bad for her because she mostly had to take care of her sister with her problems like school and life.

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