Thursday, November 29, 2007


-Political: These debates occur all over the place. The purpose of these debates is to see the opinion of that person and how he/she would do to fix it. It sometimes can help arrive at a better decision because they get many ideas on how to solve it.This debate is structured.
-Environmental: These debates occur in National state and Local. The purpose of these debates is to find better ways to protect the way we live in. Yes it does help arrive at a better decision. The debate is structure.
-Education: These debates occur in all states and cities. The purpose of these debates is to figure out better ways for our students to learn and to educate all students. "No child left behind".Yes it does help arrive at a better decision. The debate is structured.
-Social Structures: These debates occur all over the world. The purpose of these debates is to talk about how to help people in need, poverty, and money all together. Yes it does help arrive at a better decision. The debate is structured.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post B, 12/5

Dear Ruby,
Well i defanitly think this section went better than planed. Have you ever thought about what might have happened if you actually ran away that day. Never would have meet Nate, or Oliva or anyone. They all seem very nice at this point and I think Nate has a little thing for you so you better watch out! I think you did a very responsible thing to do by getting a job. I think it means for you that you think you are going to be staying for a while, well longer than planed. Having a job will keep you busy, your mind not having enough time to travel to the bad memories that may have happened in the past. I think its exciting that your best friend came to see you. I could tell that you were very suprised but deep down i knew you appreciated it alot! To me, family means people who you love and share everything with. You do most things in your life with them and all you need is family and love to survive. For Cora, i think thats great that shes trying to have a baby. She wants another family to start with Jamie. College i think for you would be a great idea. Having college in your future can expand what you want to do with your life latter on even if you dont want to do anything big like Jamie or Cora.

Post A, 12/5

Beacon(p.138): a source of light or inspiration
Impromptu(p.148): a musical composition suggesting improvisation

Quote:(p.182) "Lets just see if it survives first". Jamie was asking what she wanted to name her fish and she said lets just see if it survives first. To me, that means that it shouldn't have a place in your heart if it doesn't survive, or succed in life.

Summary, 12/5

Went to Marshalls instead of mall. Cora made her go shopping with her when she found out she had bought nothing. Very expensive clothes. Ruby got a job with one of Nates employes, Harriet. She was very intense and very hyper with coffee all the time. There was a party at her house later that night when she came home. She heard Cora and her friends talking about her wanting a baby. She wasn't getting along well with Gervais. She had a project on FAMILY to do and had to ask many people what FAMILY meant to them. Jamie started to talk to her about college. Ruby got a fish so she could have one in the pond. It was white. She made friends with Nate's old girlfriend, Heather. Peyton came to visite her at her sisters house. She was very suprised.

Post B, 11/28

Dear Ruby,
If all this stuff happened to me i wouldn't know what to do! It must be so hard, starting a new school and trying to make new friends while you at it. And to add having to live with your sister whom you havn't seen for over than 10 years. Memories rushing back to you from the past when everything was good. When your father was living with you and everyone was happy. I would be greatly appreciated from Cora and her husband. Taking you in like that, even when so much of their daily lives changed just because. I hope they know you appreciate them very much because without much love, i wouldn't think it would work out. First of all, i have never started in a new school with none of my friends there and i don't know what it would be like but it sounds like not much fun. Im glad you are starting to make friends with Oliva. She seems like a nice girl who has much in common as you. And Nate! he is one in a million kind of friend. He is gorgeous, nice, and there when you need him, even if you don't think so. Personally, if my sister gave me money to go shopping i would be out in less than a second, but why not you? every girl dreams of having all the money in the world to spend it on clothes, but not you? I hope that someday that girl is you because there is nothing wrong with taking money that has been given to you. Ah! your friends must be missing you. Im glad that you still keep in touch. They sounds like nice people and i hope all goes well with Marshall. Going back to your old house with Nate must have been a little wierd but maybe also a little nice because you know that your life is not like that anymore. Having him there makes you more confident. I have a feeling you will be making lots more friends where that came from.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Post A, 11/28

2 Vocabulary Words:
infamous: having a reputation of the worst kind
insolent: exhibiting boldness or effrontery

One emerging theme throught this book is trust.

Summary, 11/28

Ruby has had her first day at school and not liking it. She decided to go and call her friends from her old school. Her "boyfriend" Marshall and her best friend Peyton. She missed talking to them. She called Peyton for a ride home but she couldn't, she was busy. All of a sudden she saw Nate. They went to her old house so she could pick up a few things. They did a few things for Nate as well , Arrons. She didn't want a ride to school from Nate but woke up late so she had to. Gervais who is very young, around 12, was also in the car. He thought Ruby was Nate's girlfriend. Nate's old one, Heather, use to ride with them. Cora gave her money to buy some clothes at the mall. Sortof has a new friend named Oliva.

Post B, 11/21

Dear Ruby,
You have been very brave lately. With everything going on in your life. I don't know i could have done what you are doing right now. Starting a new school, making new friends. Well not really making, but lots of effort than before. And that Nate boy! Sounds like you have found yourself a new boy. Too bad you already have Marshall. How could you want to live alone like that? Not much food, lighting, and laundry. Living like that sounds like lots of working. And adding school and work on top to that sounds like a very hard time. But you pulled threw. Were you glad that the Honeycutts came and found you? I would very much enjoy living with family again. That must be nice. Cora and Jamie are very nice, you are very lucky. Do you want things to happen with you and Nate ? He sounds like nice boy. Maybe he has a different backround like you do ? He could connect with you in many different ways you never thought. What do you think about your mother ? Do u miss her ? I would. I don’t think i could live alone without her. I really hope things get better at home. No more running away now ! Your sister and husband seem like the perfect family. I would feel so loved. I also hope you make some friends. Maybe that Oliva girl ? She seems nice and fun. Plus she went to your old school. See ? She already has something in common with you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Summary, 11/21

One day after school, Ruby's mother disappeared. She just never came home one day and didn't write or call her. A few weeks to living on her own, she got caught and had to do something about it. They found her sister, Cora, and her husband, Jamie. There house was much bigger than her old one. Ruby didn't want to start a new school, new life so she decided to run away after they all went to sleep. She was half way over the fence when Cora and Jamie's dog, Roscoe, ran over to her barking. Jamie came outside and noticed Roscoe and Ruby. Jamie asked what she was doing and the next door neighbor, Nate covered her saying that his music was too loud. When she and her mother were living together they used to work at an airport. They never really celebrated Christmas or any holiday. Her mother drank alot and she us. She was starting a new school.

Post A, due 11/21

2 Vocabulary Words:
alliance(p.70): a bond or connection between families, states, parties, or individuals
to stroke, caress

Monday, November 12, 2007

Outside reading-Quarter 2

- Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
-This book has not yet been published
-I think this book is challenging for a high school sophomore because of the subject this book relates to. It's about how a 17 year old student was living on her own after her mother left all of a sudden. She gets caught and sent to live with her sister whom she hasn't seen for the past 10 years.
-I chose this book for many reasons. One was because my mom recommended this book since it has not been published yet. Another reason was because i have read many of Sarah Dessen's book and i liked all of them. Her books were the ones i couldn't put down after 5 pages.