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Sea Inside, Post 3

Most of the film techniques were pretty similar in the movie, Sea Inside. To me, it looked like they use medium shot and eye level the most. When Julia was talking to Ramon while he was laying on his bed, the shot was usually shown as a medium shot. I think they used that shot because they wanted to show the relationship that they have was not that close but as the movie went on, you could see that it grew and grew. They also had some long shots that was the sea. Ramon had talked alot about how he loved the sea and knew alot about it. I think they they used long shots for the sea was because he can't move now and he isn't as close as he was with the sea as he was before he became paralized.

Sea Inside, Post 2

I felt that the Sea Inside and the Diving Bell and the Butterfly were very similar and different in there own ways. A few ways the two books/movies were similar was how both main characters were paralized. They both didn't feel the need to live anymore as some vegetable who just sad around all day and did nothing. Some ways they were different was that they were both paralized differently and in different spots. In the Sean Inside, Ramon was able to talk but in the Diving Bell and the Butterfly, the only communication was by winking his left eye. The main character of the Sea Inside and his laywer also had alittle romance in the movie, which in the Diving bell and the Butterfly, he had his family. In my opinion, the Sea Inside was more powerful. I think so because in the movie they talk alot about life and death and losing people you love the most.

Sea Inside, Post 1

I personally really liked the movie. My reactions were very strong. Ramons request for assisted suicide i thought was okay. If i were in his position for 28 years, i would probably feel the same way he did when he was thinking about death. I feel that the courts responce was reasonable because if they let him die then there would be no law saying you can't help them. I felt that his actions were something he had to do. He felt that he was no longer needed in the world and didn't want to go on living like that. I think that the friends that helped him did the right thing. For some they didn't know they were helping die, such as giving him more drugs and the next day dying. For others who did know what they were doing, they did it because that was what he wanted and they loved him enough to let him go.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Post 1

Alice was convinced she was going to start her life over and she tried. She began to lose weight the healthy way with her best friend, Lila and she had been on the cover of many teen magazines. During the summer before her senior year, she lived with a guy named, Steve who became to be one of her really good friends. One night, she decided she wanted to see a famous poet that was in the auditorium of her school. Near the middle of his speach, Alice didn't feel good at all. She hated to leave but she had to. She called one of her friends to come and pick her up. They were almost to her house when she noticed policemen outside of her house. She knew what had happend. She got out of the car and ran to her house to find Lila. She was right, she had been raped, on her bed. She and Lila went to the hopsital together and went throught the same steps as Alice had once gone through. The only difference was Lilas attitude about the whole situation. She didn't want to find out who had raped her and she wanted Alice to leave her alone. She had never found out who had raped her. Madison, her rapest, finally got convicted and put into jail. "Rape would not follow me ".

Thursday, October 18, 2007

week 5

It was now thanksgiving break and Alice had returned home. Not being there for less than 24 hours, she received a letter in the mail. It was date set for the grand jury against Greg Madison, set for December 4. A few weeks before Christmas break, Alice had started a crush for a guy named Jamie Waller. He was older-26-and friends with another member of her poetry class. For fun, there group of friends would go down to a bar and share a few drinks together. Jamie didn't know about her rape until she told them when she was drunk. He said he didn't care and Alice liked that. For the grand jury however, it keeped getting pushed back. It was set again for Januart 22, but it was canceled yet again. One night after drinking with Jamie, they both went home for the night at his house. She had to go to school that morning and ever since that night, she never heard from him again. A few months later, in April, she had become best friends with a girl named Lila. They both called eachother clones. April 18 was the new date set for trial, and this time it was for sure on. Her father decided to come with her and help suport her through the emotional trial. In the morning she found out that the trial would be closed, so her father wouldn't come after all. During the trial she asked many detailed questions about the rape, and when she thought she saw him in October. It had been a long trial, but in the end, she had won.

My reaction about this section of the book was very strong. It must had been very emotional for Alice and at times i forget that this is a true story and this actually happened to one of us. In the beginning when she started her little crush i was nervous for her because she could have gotten taken advantage of. But she was smart enought to no let that happen again. Im also happy that they never talked again because maybe something else would have happened, she would fall in love then get hurt again because he was much older than her. As for the trial it must have been very hard on her. The dates kept canceling and she got even more and more nervous for the real date she would have to face her rapist. As for the real trial when she was sitting, getting asked so many personal questions about the rape, i felt bad. But i also knew that she would get through this and not be one of those victims that can’t handle it. I knew she wanted to put him away for good, she always amagined him in jail and she was so close.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Part 4, post 1 and 2

Post 1: One quote that stuck to me was, "Syracuse was over. Good riddance, i thought. I was going to the university of houston in the fall. I was going to get an MA in poetry. I would spend the summer trying to reinvent myself. I had not een Houston, never been south of Tennessee, but i was going to be different there. Rape would not follow me."(232) This quote struck me as important in the book because i would think that after a rape, you would want to start a new life and pretend that that had never happend to you. When she says Rape would not follow me, i think that is very important if you want to begin a new life.

Post 2 :It had been about 1 month since she had gone back to school. On october 14, the police called to say that gregory madison was arrested(her rapest). That meant that there would be a preliminary hearing for him. She arrived at the court 5 days after the phone call. When she was on the stand, they asked her very detailed questions about the rape. She also had to answer many questions about the day she say her rapest at the library. After the hearing, about a month later she returned to the police station to point out her rapest. She was nervous he was going to see her but they reassured her that they couldn't see through the glass. There were 5 men, and she narrowed it down to number 4 and 5. She thought they looked like identical twins. One was looking down at the ground and one was staring right at her. She decided to choose the one that was looking at her, number 5. When she got into the hallway, she relized that she didn't pick the right man. Alice had told the policemen that the only reason she picked number 5 was because he was staring right at her.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Diving bell and the Butterfly

My overall thought about the diving bell and the butterfly was positive. I thought the book was a good memoir about something devastating that happened to the author. At some points in the book I got confused and also very bored with his writing. The first couple chapters I thought were very sad to read. It described the first time he actually “came to”. He found out that he couldn’t move, except for his left eye. If I had found that out about myself I would have felt the same way, stuck inside a diving bell. I wouldn’t know what to do in my spare time, besides cry about how my life ended up to be like, instead of the future I had planed. The main way the author kept his time busy was by thinking. Thinking about dreams, memories, and his family. In the beginning, when he was all getting used to his disability, he used to think about why this happened to him and why not someone else. Towards the middle of the book, he starts to talk about random events that took place in his life. That’s where I got the most confused because at first I couldn’t tell if it was happening right now or if his mind was traveling. One of the author’s favorite places to take him and his wheelchair was outside on the deck, overlooking a lighthouse. From what he said about the lighthouse, it seemed like a good place to think over things. The last couple chapters seemed to be a little easier to understand. The author seemed to understand that he was going to die soon, they way he was writing the last chapter. He knew that he wouldn’t last that long this way, but he lived longer than he thought.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week 3, Post 2

Throughout this book i have learned many things about Alice's life, her childhood and big events that have happend to her. One main thing i have learned about her is that her family was very different from other familys, when she was younger. They didn't get along that well, her mother started to drink, her father never listened. She was excited to begin a new life at college and get away from her family. Beginning her new life at college, she made lots of new friends, including her best friend, Mary Alice. They had much in common which made things even better for their friendship. Since the terrible event that had happened in her life, her parents became very protective of her and made sure that nothing like that would ever happen again. On her way down to the library to have one of her classes, she saw someone she knew. It was her rapest. If i was her during this situation i dont know what i would have done. I would have been terrified to know that my rapest was out on the street and nobody knew about him the way i did. Alice, after seeing her rapest went directly to the library to call her friend, who was an artist to help her draw a picture of him so it would stay fresh in his mind. In the end, Alice was the one that drew the picture and sent it to the police. I think that once the police get the picture, they will find her rapest. I feel very sad for alice and how her life ended up to be, but i also feel that her new life that she is starting will end up better than her last.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Week 3, Post 1

Alice had gone back to school at syracuse and tried to start a fresh, new beginning of her life. New friends, new roomates, new dorm.One of her favorite classes was poetry. She loved expressing her feelings on paper, because that was the only way she knew how to. For a project she had to write a poem about something that had happen in her life. She wrote about how she wanted to kill the rapest that did such terrible things to her. One regular day, heading over to the library, she noticed someone familiar. It was the same man that had raped her. She didn't know what to do except keep on walking. When he came near, he knew who she was and asked if he had seen her from somewhere. She was terrified and didn't think straight. She later went to the police to describe everything that happened that afternoon.

Alice Sebold, the author of Lucky, was born September 6, 1962 in Madison, Wisconsin. She grew up in Philadelphia where she graduated from high school in 1980. From there on she went to Syracuse University, where the story, lucky, took place. Her college years, she studied poetry mostly, and tried writing a novel that did not suceed During her teenage years, she had used drugs for about 2 years and decided it was time to change her life style. Throughtout her writing career she has written two books, "the Lovely Bones", and "Lucky".