Sunday, October 14, 2007

Part 4, post 1 and 2

Post 1: One quote that stuck to me was, "Syracuse was over. Good riddance, i thought. I was going to the university of houston in the fall. I was going to get an MA in poetry. I would spend the summer trying to reinvent myself. I had not een Houston, never been south of Tennessee, but i was going to be different there. Rape would not follow me."(232) This quote struck me as important in the book because i would think that after a rape, you would want to start a new life and pretend that that had never happend to you. When she says Rape would not follow me, i think that is very important if you want to begin a new life.

Post 2 :It had been about 1 month since she had gone back to school. On october 14, the police called to say that gregory madison was arrested(her rapest). That meant that there would be a preliminary hearing for him. She arrived at the court 5 days after the phone call. When she was on the stand, they asked her very detailed questions about the rape. She also had to answer many questions about the day she say her rapest at the library. After the hearing, about a month later she returned to the police station to point out her rapest. She was nervous he was going to see her but they reassured her that they couldn't see through the glass. There were 5 men, and she narrowed it down to number 4 and 5. She thought they looked like identical twins. One was looking down at the ground and one was staring right at her. She decided to choose the one that was looking at her, number 5. When she got into the hallway, she relized that she didn't pick the right man. Alice had told the policemen that the only reason she picked number 5 was because he was staring right at her.

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Hannah :) said...

I think you did a very good job summarizing your sections in good detail. The books sounds really interesting but very hard to read at the same time. You seem to be getting everything on time. Keep up the good work girl!