Monday, December 17, 2007

12/19, Post B

Dear Ruby,
I think it’s exciting that Olivia has a new crush, Gervais. He is one talented boy and Olivia is pretty special to. I think they would be a good couple together, but too bad he is way too young for her. Maybe in a few years or so don’t you think? You may not like him that much but I think he could really help you with your calculus. It’s worth a try. I would say so. Helping Nate with his cupcakes was very nice of you I thought. He is a nice boy and I think you guys have totally have a future together. Thanksgiving must have been a little overwhelming for you I’m sure. But at the same time it must have been nice having all this family you never knew of. Jamie’s family seems like a nice family. Maybe that’s what you could describe family as. Being able to tell them anything, always there for you when you need help. Family is a good thing to have and I’m glad to say again that you stayed with Cora and Jamie. They should be described as family. They are the perfect things for you. The situation with Nate must be very scary. Now you have found out Nate’s secret. What else has he been hiding from you? I think you should do something about his father because that isn’t healthy for him or anyone. I hope you follow through with that thought because it could end up bad.

12/19, Post A

anti-retentive(255): having the power, property, or capacity of retaining(opposite)
outsourcing(261): to procure (as some goods or services needed by a business or organization) under contract with an outside supplier

One emerging theme of the book is family.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

summary 12/19

Olivia has a secret admirer that goes to see movies alot(she works at a movie theater). She is relizing that her and nate are acutally friends. She is afraid that she is going to fail calculus. She is thinking about getting Gervais to help her. She is going to help Nate deliver cupcakes for his work and lots of other arrons. She got scratched by a cat because she didn't read the sign. Olivia thinks something is going on between her and Nate. so does the whole school. Jamies whole family was coming over to their house for thanksgiving. She felt overwelmed with all the people and knowing that they were her family. She had to go over to Nates house to put the pies in their oven because they already had to much stuff in theirs.Nates busy with work.

Monday, December 10, 2007

12/12 Post B

Dear Ruby,

I am so happy for you! You have gotten so much better since the first day you moved in with your sister and brother-in-law. If something like that happened to me I would be a wreck. I don’t think I could have survived life after having my mother leave me. I would be wondering where she was twenty- four seven. I would not feel safe at all and I could not trust anyone. I don’t think I could even make new friends, having the fear of losing another one. Taking a Christmas card with matching shirts will be fun! I think that means you feel more like family with them. When you found out about your mother did u believe her first? I would have been very angry with her and also with my sister for telling me this information. I would also have been really sad about the whole situation again. So much is happening all at once, I wouldn’t know how to handle it at all. I thought it was a good idea to get away from school for a little bit but the drinking and smoking was unnecessary. If Nate hadn’t found you lying there I don’t think anyone would have. I'm glad he has your back. He seems like a very nice boy but it also seems like he is hiding something from you and other people. Why would he quit the swim team? He loved swimming! Make sure you don’t lose this one, he is a real keeper/

12/12 Post A

imperceptibly p.253: not perceptible by a sense or by the mind : extremely slight, gradual, or subtle
reciprocate p.246: to give and take mutually

One emerging theme of this book is she is starting to learn family values. She is starting to understand the meaning of the word.

Summary 12/12

Ruby just told Harriet that Reggie liked her. But shes always too busy for work. They want to take a Christmas card with matching shirts. Olivia's boyfriend was cheating on her with Melissa. Nate has quit swimming. Another party at her house. 70's night. for UMe (a website Jamies works for). She also just found out that Jamie's family is really big. Cora's still trying to get pregnant. She just found out that her mother kept Ruby away from Cora. not inviting her to her wedding. ect. She asked Olivia for a ride during school. She went somewhere near her school. She had been drinking with her old friends and smoking. She went unconscious and Nate found her. Jamie was pissed at her and got really upset. people liked her key necklaces and she started selling them with Harriet. Jamie and her made up.