Monday, December 10, 2007

Summary 12/12

Ruby just told Harriet that Reggie liked her. But shes always too busy for work. They want to take a Christmas card with matching shirts. Olivia's boyfriend was cheating on her with Melissa. Nate has quit swimming. Another party at her house. 70's night. for UMe (a website Jamies works for). She also just found out that Jamie's family is really big. Cora's still trying to get pregnant. She just found out that her mother kept Ruby away from Cora. not inviting her to her wedding. ect. She asked Olivia for a ride during school. She went somewhere near her school. She had been drinking with her old friends and smoking. She went unconscious and Nate found her. Jamie was pissed at her and got really upset. people liked her key necklaces and she started selling them with Harriet. Jamie and her made up.

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