Monday, December 17, 2007

12/19, Post B

Dear Ruby,
I think it’s exciting that Olivia has a new crush, Gervais. He is one talented boy and Olivia is pretty special to. I think they would be a good couple together, but too bad he is way too young for her. Maybe in a few years or so don’t you think? You may not like him that much but I think he could really help you with your calculus. It’s worth a try. I would say so. Helping Nate with his cupcakes was very nice of you I thought. He is a nice boy and I think you guys have totally have a future together. Thanksgiving must have been a little overwhelming for you I’m sure. But at the same time it must have been nice having all this family you never knew of. Jamie’s family seems like a nice family. Maybe that’s what you could describe family as. Being able to tell them anything, always there for you when you need help. Family is a good thing to have and I’m glad to say again that you stayed with Cora and Jamie. They should be described as family. They are the perfect things for you. The situation with Nate must be very scary. Now you have found out Nate’s secret. What else has he been hiding from you? I think you should do something about his father because that isn’t healthy for him or anyone. I hope you follow through with that thought because it could end up bad.

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