Wednesday, December 12, 2007

summary 12/19

Olivia has a secret admirer that goes to see movies alot(she works at a movie theater). She is relizing that her and nate are acutally friends. She is afraid that she is going to fail calculus. She is thinking about getting Gervais to help her. She is going to help Nate deliver cupcakes for his work and lots of other arrons. She got scratched by a cat because she didn't read the sign. Olivia thinks something is going on between her and Nate. so does the whole school. Jamies whole family was coming over to their house for thanksgiving. She felt overwelmed with all the people and knowing that they were her family. She had to go over to Nates house to put the pies in their oven because they already had to much stuff in theirs.Nates busy with work.

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