Monday, October 1, 2007

Week 3, Post 1

Alice had gone back to school at syracuse and tried to start a fresh, new beginning of her life. New friends, new roomates, new dorm.One of her favorite classes was poetry. She loved expressing her feelings on paper, because that was the only way she knew how to. For a project she had to write a poem about something that had happen in her life. She wrote about how she wanted to kill the rapest that did such terrible things to her. One regular day, heading over to the library, she noticed someone familiar. It was the same man that had raped her. She didn't know what to do except keep on walking. When he came near, he knew who she was and asked if he had seen her from somewhere. She was terrified and didn't think straight. She later went to the police to describe everything that happened that afternoon.

Alice Sebold, the author of Lucky, was born September 6, 1962 in Madison, Wisconsin. She grew up in Philadelphia where she graduated from high school in 1980. From there on she went to Syracuse University, where the story, lucky, took place. Her college years, she studied poetry mostly, and tried writing a novel that did not suceed During her teenage years, she had used drugs for about 2 years and decided it was time to change her life style. Throughtout her writing career she has written two books, "the Lovely Bones", and "Lucky".

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