Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sea Inside, Post 2

I felt that the Sea Inside and the Diving Bell and the Butterfly were very similar and different in there own ways. A few ways the two books/movies were similar was how both main characters were paralized. They both didn't feel the need to live anymore as some vegetable who just sad around all day and did nothing. Some ways they were different was that they were both paralized differently and in different spots. In the Sean Inside, Ramon was able to talk but in the Diving Bell and the Butterfly, the only communication was by winking his left eye. The main character of the Sea Inside and his laywer also had alittle romance in the movie, which in the Diving bell and the Butterfly, he had his family. In my opinion, the Sea Inside was more powerful. I think so because in the movie they talk alot about life and death and losing people you love the most.

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