Thursday, October 18, 2007

week 5

It was now thanksgiving break and Alice had returned home. Not being there for less than 24 hours, she received a letter in the mail. It was date set for the grand jury against Greg Madison, set for December 4. A few weeks before Christmas break, Alice had started a crush for a guy named Jamie Waller. He was older-26-and friends with another member of her poetry class. For fun, there group of friends would go down to a bar and share a few drinks together. Jamie didn't know about her rape until she told them when she was drunk. He said he didn't care and Alice liked that. For the grand jury however, it keeped getting pushed back. It was set again for Januart 22, but it was canceled yet again. One night after drinking with Jamie, they both went home for the night at his house. She had to go to school that morning and ever since that night, she never heard from him again. A few months later, in April, she had become best friends with a girl named Lila. They both called eachother clones. April 18 was the new date set for trial, and this time it was for sure on. Her father decided to come with her and help suport her through the emotional trial. In the morning she found out that the trial would be closed, so her father wouldn't come after all. During the trial she asked many detailed questions about the rape, and when she thought she saw him in October. It had been a long trial, but in the end, she had won.

My reaction about this section of the book was very strong. It must had been very emotional for Alice and at times i forget that this is a true story and this actually happened to one of us. In the beginning when she started her little crush i was nervous for her because she could have gotten taken advantage of. But she was smart enought to no let that happen again. Im also happy that they never talked again because maybe something else would have happened, she would fall in love then get hurt again because he was much older than her. As for the trial it must have been very hard on her. The dates kept canceling and she got even more and more nervous for the real date she would have to face her rapist. As for the real trial when she was sitting, getting asked so many personal questions about the rape, i felt bad. But i also knew that she would get through this and not be one of those victims that can’t handle it. I knew she wanted to put him away for good, she always amagined him in jail and she was so close.


marit said...

good job maggs!! haha we are reading the same book and i think we feel about the same way, so thats good. Your summaries are really detailed and when you explained how you felt about the book it really makes sense and sounds like you had alot of feelings. keep it up!!

Tom W. said...

Good description of your section. There was a few spelling mistakes and grammar stuff, but who cares. I agree with Marit, it was a well done summary and reflection. NICE