Monday, October 8, 2007

Diving bell and the Butterfly

My overall thought about the diving bell and the butterfly was positive. I thought the book was a good memoir about something devastating that happened to the author. At some points in the book I got confused and also very bored with his writing. The first couple chapters I thought were very sad to read. It described the first time he actually “came to”. He found out that he couldn’t move, except for his left eye. If I had found that out about myself I would have felt the same way, stuck inside a diving bell. I wouldn’t know what to do in my spare time, besides cry about how my life ended up to be like, instead of the future I had planed. The main way the author kept his time busy was by thinking. Thinking about dreams, memories, and his family. In the beginning, when he was all getting used to his disability, he used to think about why this happened to him and why not someone else. Towards the middle of the book, he starts to talk about random events that took place in his life. That’s where I got the most confused because at first I couldn’t tell if it was happening right now or if his mind was traveling. One of the author’s favorite places to take him and his wheelchair was outside on the deck, overlooking a lighthouse. From what he said about the lighthouse, it seemed like a good place to think over things. The last couple chapters seemed to be a little easier to understand. The author seemed to understand that he was going to die soon, they way he was writing the last chapter. He knew that he wouldn’t last that long this way, but he lived longer than he thought.

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