Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post B, 11/28

Dear Ruby,
If all this stuff happened to me i wouldn't know what to do! It must be so hard, starting a new school and trying to make new friends while you at it. And to add having to live with your sister whom you havn't seen for over than 10 years. Memories rushing back to you from the past when everything was good. When your father was living with you and everyone was happy. I would be greatly appreciated from Cora and her husband. Taking you in like that, even when so much of their daily lives changed just because. I hope they know you appreciate them very much because without much love, i wouldn't think it would work out. First of all, i have never started in a new school with none of my friends there and i don't know what it would be like but it sounds like not much fun. Im glad you are starting to make friends with Oliva. She seems like a nice girl who has much in common as you. And Nate! he is one in a million kind of friend. He is gorgeous, nice, and there when you need him, even if you don't think so. Personally, if my sister gave me money to go shopping i would be out in less than a second, but why not you? every girl dreams of having all the money in the world to spend it on clothes, but not you? I hope that someday that girl is you because there is nothing wrong with taking money that has been given to you. Ah! your friends must be missing you. Im glad that you still keep in touch. They sounds like nice people and i hope all goes well with Marshall. Going back to your old house with Nate must have been a little wierd but maybe also a little nice because you know that your life is not like that anymore. Having him there makes you more confident. I have a feeling you will be making lots more friends where that came from.

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