Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Summary, 12/5

Went to Marshalls instead of mall. Cora made her go shopping with her when she found out she had bought nothing. Very expensive clothes. Ruby got a job with one of Nates employes, Harriet. She was very intense and very hyper with coffee all the time. There was a party at her house later that night when she came home. She heard Cora and her friends talking about her wanting a baby. She wasn't getting along well with Gervais. She had a project on FAMILY to do and had to ask many people what FAMILY meant to them. Jamie started to talk to her about college. Ruby got a fish so she could have one in the pond. It was white. She made friends with Nate's old girlfriend, Heather. Peyton came to visite her at her sisters house. She was very suprised.

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