Sunday, November 25, 2007

Summary, 11/28

Ruby has had her first day at school and not liking it. She decided to go and call her friends from her old school. Her "boyfriend" Marshall and her best friend Peyton. She missed talking to them. She called Peyton for a ride home but she couldn't, she was busy. All of a sudden she saw Nate. They went to her old house so she could pick up a few things. They did a few things for Nate as well , Arrons. She didn't want a ride to school from Nate but woke up late so she had to. Gervais who is very young, around 12, was also in the car. He thought Ruby was Nate's girlfriend. Nate's old one, Heather, use to ride with them. Cora gave her money to buy some clothes at the mall. Sortof has a new friend named Oliva.

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