Sunday, November 25, 2007

Post B, 11/21

Dear Ruby,
You have been very brave lately. With everything going on in your life. I don't know i could have done what you are doing right now. Starting a new school, making new friends. Well not really making, but lots of effort than before. And that Nate boy! Sounds like you have found yourself a new boy. Too bad you already have Marshall. How could you want to live alone like that? Not much food, lighting, and laundry. Living like that sounds like lots of working. And adding school and work on top to that sounds like a very hard time. But you pulled threw. Were you glad that the Honeycutts came and found you? I would very much enjoy living with family again. That must be nice. Cora and Jamie are very nice, you are very lucky. Do you want things to happen with you and Nate ? He sounds like nice boy. Maybe he has a different backround like you do ? He could connect with you in many different ways you never thought. What do you think about your mother ? Do u miss her ? I would. I don’t think i could live alone without her. I really hope things get better at home. No more running away now ! Your sister and husband seem like the perfect family. I would feel so loved. I also hope you make some friends. Maybe that Oliva girl ? She seems nice and fun. Plus she went to your old school. See ? She already has something in common with you.

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