Monday, January 7, 2008

Post B, 1/16

Dear Ruby,

So much has happened to you the past year and it sounds so overwhelming to me, I don’t know if I could have handled what you did. To me it sounds like you and Nate might get back together but it also sounds like its going to take a lot of work to show him that you truly care about him and that you want to help him out. Gervais seems to be a good tutor and hopefully all goes well on your test. Finding these things out about your mother must have been very difficult for you to hear. Having to hear that your mom is in rehab for treatment would be devastating to me but also I would have hope for her because she is getting help for her past. Nate running away from home was very scary to read but if I were you I would have an inkling about where he was. You two just have a huge past together filled with memories and friendship he couldn’t just disappear on you like that. I'm glad to hear that Olivia's sister did well on the race. Even thought she was last, she finished the race and to me that means I won. The calculus test went very well for you, im glad. Gervais was right about his technique. He is a friend to keep. Getting into the U, congratulations! I wouldn’t have expected that from you considering your past. I think Throwing away your key was a good idea because to me that means your throwing away your past you had with that key and you want to start a new life.

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