Monday, January 7, 2008

summary 1/16

Harriet is getting interview by some reporter for the key necklaces. Reggie told Harriet how he felt but she said shes not in a relationship place right now. Nate and Ruby were still fighting and it didn't look like things were gonna get better soon. Gervais was helping her with her Calculus and she was finally getting it a bit more than usual. The KeyChain business was going very well. Cora had a talk with Ruby about her mother. Cora said that she was in treatment, rehab. For the past few days thats all she could think about. Jamie and Ruby has been working on the pond. Olivia and Jamie started talking about his job and how he could improve it. Nate hadn't shown up to help harriet?? Her calculus test is on Monday, it is the weekend right now. She couldn't stop thinking about Nate. At the mall to pick up her pay check, olivias sister was running in the 5 K. She got an extra bonus from Harriet. Reggie and Harriet are going to dinner together. Olivia's sister was last in the race but she did make it across the finish line. Nate had run away from home. Ruby feels like she did really good on the calculus test. After the test she went to find Nate and there he was, at the cat ladys house. He is going to live with his mom in Arizona. She got into the U. she is graduating. She gave him a keynecklace just like hers. in the end she threw hers in the new pond.

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