Monday, January 7, 2008

Post B, 1/9

Dear ruby,

It sounded like you had a great Christmas! With all your new gifts I wouldn’t know how to start the New Year off in a bad way. Too bad for Cora, I know she really wanted to have a baby but if it was meant to be im sure it will happen soon enough. Another party at your house? Im sure your alittle overwelemed by all of these people, I mean I would be since you didn’t have many people before yo moved into the new house with Cora and Jamie. It was very nice of Nate to come to the party and you and he kissing again must have been very nice considering you and he have been dating for around a month now. He seems like a very nice guy but it seems like he is hiding too much from you. It is nice of your sister to bring you shopping. You should really just take the money and spend it, that’s what I would do but im also a teenager with that kind of interest. Valentines Day must be very stressful for you considering you have no idea what to get Nate. I would think that choosing a gift for that kind of holiday would be hard but im sure you will think of something. What has happened with you and Nate? It seems like he has a really big problem with his dad. He has random buses on his body that you don’t know where they came from. I think you should try and help him out because hey you owe him a lot.

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